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Strategic planning: design and development of plans from kickoff to board presentation.

Business forecasting: Sales, costs, profit models and forecasts based on an optimized combination of internal and external information.

Economic forecasts: macroeconomic factors such as, GDP, interest rates, and prices, that impact your business.

Economic impact studies: sales, employment, and tax impact on local areas of new businesses.

Acquisition/divestiture: business potential evaluation and synergies with existing products.

Consumer/retail: retail forecasts and plans based on consumer incomes and demographic characteristics.

Business cycles and risk: evaluation of business risk at different stages of the business cycle.

Demographics: population characteristics such as age/income of a national and local basis.

Pricing strategy: optimal pricing based on detailed elasticity studies.

Business plan evaluation: reasonability test of business plans based on historical performance.

Scenario analysis: impact of a set of possible economic/industry futures on business results.

Econometric/statistical analysis: quantitative modeling and methodology evaluation of existing systems.

Economic outlook and plan kickoff presentations: focused global economic and business presentations in preparation for business planning cycles.

Economic/industry monitoring: continuous monitoring of external conditions and their impact on business.




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