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·      Industry analysis and forecasting for the National Auto Auction Association

·      Sales analysis and forecasting for Williamson-Dickie.

·      Designing the strategic planning process for JCPenney.

·    Leading and coordinating the JCPenney planning process from kick-off to board presentation.

·    Leading management planning sessions.

·    Preparation of Board of Director’s presentations. 

·      Quarterly economic/retail verbal/written input to senior management.

·      Monthly & Quarterly Economic/Business updates.

·    Economic & Business presentations to senior management.

·    Demographic, economic, industry and competitive background for the business planning process.

·    Country evaluation for international expansion.

·    Evaluation of new business proposals with respect to external growth potential, internal synergies, and management fit.

·    Price elasticity studies to support pricing strategy.

·    Economic Outlook presentation to business groups.

·    Business profitability evaluation of the relationship between business plans and the external environment.

·    Economic impact study of Wal-Mart's proposed Supercenter near Love field in Dallas

·    Spokesperson to TV/Radio/print media with respect to the economic/industry outlook.

·    Interest rate risk analysis for corporate borrowing strategy.



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